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Facial Plastic Surgery

The facial expression area unit is among the foremost delicate, and per se needs additional care and exactitude once it involves cosmetic surgery. At  Plasmamedica plastic surgery Turkey, our surgeons use solely the safest and most advanced treatment techniques to provide stunning, natural-looking results. Learn a lot about the facial cosmetic surgery procedures offered by clicking on the links below, or call +90 537 745 94 87 to schedule a consultation.

Body Plastic Surgery

Plasmanedica is led by a team of plastic surgeons who are well-known for their expertise and ability as body contouring surgeons. Using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and tools, they assist men and women succeed in their aesthetic goals and improve their self-confidence. Learn about these cosmetic surgery procedures below and call the expert at +90 537 745 94 87 to schedule a consultation.

Breast Surgery

The plastic surgeons at Plasmamedica are famed for their experience in breast surgery Turkey. They have helped many ladies improve their body contour and enhance their self-confidence by using the most recent and safest surgical tools and techniques. Learn about each of the breast procedures offered, and call the practice today at +90 537 745 94 87 to schedule a consultation.


Obesity Surgery

Obesity is a condition that affects several of the body’s organs. It is for this reason that treatment must be planned and meted out with a “multidisciplinary” approach wherever completely different branches work along in step with one another.

These strategies are utilized in fat treatment:

There are 5 types of weight loss surgery (also called “bariatric surgery”) available, including: